About Us

    Once upon a time Konstantin Sergeevich met Vladimir Ivanovich at “Slavyanski bazar” restaurant and…
    But no, that was in another century.

    Once upon a time Alexander Anatolyevich met Vladimir Mychailovych – and what’s interesting, at the restaurant as well. And decided to create a studio. And not just simple studio, but studio of animated films. And not just simple studio of animated films, but non-commercial studio of animated films.

    That means studio created for viewers, not for profit.

    Those viewers, who miss kind, smart, ironic animation as much, as it’s creators.
    That is why our studio “Buben” is not trying to earn money by making advertisement, endless serials or other commercial tv-products.
    We make the “auteur theory”, movies with a unique directors' vision. Handmade. Non-conveyer. In which we are trying to return to the word animation it’s original meaning.

    And whether we reach our aims – that’s for you to decide.

    Anima (lat.) - soul