“Sherlock Holmes and the Little Chimney Sweeps” 2012

On the 9th of June 2008 in his blog on LifeJournal Alexander Bubnov addressed to the users encouraging them to raise money for his new film about Holmes (he then had another title – “The explosion at the Admiralty”.)

More than 300 people responded, but only 60 donated money. That was almost nothing compared to what the film needed, and the project was doomed. But! Then appeared a person, who took all the responsibility for the financial part. We will keep the name of this noble man in secret, because he believes that all good deeds must never be done for effect. :)

The film was in work for three and a half years and was finished in 2012. It was created by the team of 8 members, that is not really much for such kind of a project. They were : director, his assistant, two artists, three leading animators and the animator of drawn episodes. At the end they were joined by the composer.

For more details about how the film was created, you may watch film from the backstage by Alexey Horoshko.

There are 2 variants of the film : mini-serial (6 series, 6,5 minutes each), and one whole movie, 34 minutes lengt.

On the 25th of December 2012 was it’s national premiere that took place in the House of cinema, Kiev, during the festival “Echo of the Krok”.

Then, during three weeks the film was successfully shown in “Zhovten” cinemahall. Now we are discussing the possibilities to sell our film to TV-companies.